Maths Grinds


Hi, I'm Stephen Easley-Walsh and I hold an honours Bachelors of Mathematics from Trinity College Dublin, which consistently ranks as the highest university in Ireland and is one of the top 100 universities in the world. My honours Masters of Science for Mathematical-Physics is from University College Dublin.

Right now, I am lecturing at Dublin International Foundation College (DIFC). DIFC provides what is called a Foundation Year. This is targeted at International students that have English as a second language. Basically, they are taught subjects that are related to what they want to study at university to a first year level. I lecture Mathematics for Business, Science and Engineering students, Physics, ICT and Statistics. By the end of the year my students would be at the same level as someone going into year one or sometimes year two of university. What makes DIFC different is the huge diversity of students that study with us. China, UAE, France, Italy, South Korea, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Uruguay, Vietnam, and Lebanon are just some of the countries I have students from in my class. Having students from so many diverse backgrounds, challenges me as a teacher to find the best learning devices to ensure maximum academic achievement. This has developed my teaching skills by equipping me with the knowledge to cater for students with different needs and skill levels.

A lot of my evenings are taken up with private tutorials. I mostly help Trinity College Dublin Undergrad students with Mathematics. However, I sometimes have the pleasure of helping Masters level students, which is a great treat for me. And when I have free time I do enjoy taking online classes with Coursera.

In addition to this I also teach Applied Mathematical (Mechanics) to Irish Students. This is normally taught over two years but can be taught in one (what I do). Again, this course would be comparable to a first year engineering course, although, we only work in R2 and not R3 at high-school level.