Download Eircode Database

So, I was wondering, if anyone can look up eircodes, then, what is the point it paying for a database of them? For example, if you need a list of Dublin 6 West addresses and eircodes, why not write a code to download them all? My little project for this weekend was just that. Below is a python script down will download eircodes for D6W.

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Have you ever needed to email someone at a business and not know their email address? Well, chances are if you know their name you could have a good guess at their email address. Most companies and business will have their employee's email address follow a standard format, such has first name dot last name at domain dot com. Rather than trying to guess all combinations, I put together python script that generates possible email address. Click here to see the code :)

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So, this one time I forgot to turn the mic on during a class I was recoding, and so, no sound. And I thought afterwards, heck, I should write a little script that does all the things I need to do to record a lesson. So this script will turn the mic on, open mypaint, resize the screen, start recording, convert the output and stitch it to me “intro/exit” video byte. All I need to do is run this script and after is a go and the output it saved into my video folder and ready for uploading to youtube. Cool :)

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I wrote a little bit of bash code that will download the latest version of libdvdcss ad install it on my linux system. I thought I'd share it in case anyone wants to use it :)

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As you know, I’m sure, Pluto is no longer a planet :( The reason being that the current definition of a planet would not allow Pluto to be included in the planet club. The criteria Pluto lacks is “Clearing the neighbourhood”.

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LC Applied Maths 2015

So I feel the 2015 Exam was a nice one :) here is my breakdown (I tried it myself).

Time = 1 hour, 45 minutes

Q1, this took me 13 minutes to do. The answer for part (a) was 57 m and the answer for part (bi) was 3.5 seconds and (bii) was 48.857 m. I'll give this 5/5 :)

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Maths Paper Two 2015

Here is what I think of Paper Two (Higher Level, LC):

Question 1:
A run-of-the-mill two die question. Not very interesting. Good one to get the ball rolling.


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Maths Paper One 2015

Here is my review of the Exam:

Question 1: Oliver Murphy would be pleased :) it is a question very similar to one in his book.

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Edco Sample Questions

I think there is a small mistake/slip/thing on page 131 and page 125 of Edco’s LC Higher Project Maths Papers (namely the sample papers). I’ve noticed it the last two days when two different students needed help with the questions. Although the mistake (IMHO) is not the reason for the their difficulty.

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Product or Chain Rule

I've noticed some of my students have trouble with identifying when to use the product rule or when to use the chain rule. Here are some practise questions.

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Wait, that isn't New to Project Maths?

Would you be surprised to learn that the old syllabus prior to Project Maths had Hypothesis Testing on it? Well it did! In fact the old syllabus contained:
  • Probability Distributions
  • Normal Distributions
  • Normal Distribution as an approximation to the Binomial Distribution
  • Sampling Theory
  • Confidence Interval
  • Hypothesis Testing

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Dublin Bus

When I leave college I have a choice of many buses from 4 different bus stops. It really bothered me that I had to open 4 different tabs to see what bus I should get and from where! So, I wrote a php page that collects all the information and puts it together in a nice clear table. You can see it at, anyway, I'm writing to work with the dublinbus page again but this time I want to use Python instead of php. I wrote a little code that can tell me when the next bus is from a given stop. Here is the code:

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Ethical Hacking

When you hear hacking, what do you think? Most people imagine something seen in films… bad guys hacking into banks, stealing money, things like this. But this is not always the case. Sometimes it has a good purpose.

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Referendum Results

The results are in for the Irish 2015 Referendum. And I was wondering how the Venn Diagram might look for these results. I will have to assume that the probability of voting Yes on the Marriage Amendment is the same as that for the Presidential Amendment. It is impossible to know from simple counting if they are independent. It is likely they are not… one could form a better estimate from using some survey/questionnaire data. In any event, here are the results in Venn Diagram form:

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Hypothesis Testing

The new Leaving Cert Syllabus (Project Maths) has Hypothesis testing on it as a prominent part of the course, well, at least enough so that two of my students I help in grinds this week said they find it difficult. And it is difficult concept.

I was noticing that some books and notes use the Margin of Error formula $ME = \frac{1}{\sqrt{n}}$ and some places use the Standard Error $SE = \sqrt{\frac{\left(p\right)\left(1-p\right)}{n}}$ when calculating the Confidence Interval (so that one could test the Hypothesis) in the case of Binomial Trials. Is there a difference? Well there is.

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Writer Monkey

We all know the story about the monkeys at the type writer. That, if given enough time the monkey will bash out the works of Shakespeare. In fact this is known as “The Infinite Monkey Theorem”. The Bio teacher I work with at school was wondering how many times his name would appear before my name would appear. His name being “Colm” and mine “Stephen”. And how long it would take before his name would appear…. Let’s work it out.

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Two Cars Colliding

I was asked by an Applied Maths student of mine to explain an interesting Physics problem he came across online. Image two identical cars, one is at rest and the other is heading towards the stationary car at 10 m/s. When they meet there will be a small crash. Now the interesting part.

Imagine the cars are moving at 60 m/s and 50 m/s now. And you are above them in a helicopter moving at 50 m/s. In this reference frame the cars are still moving towards each other at 10 m/s. But when they meet and crash the accident is much worse. Why is this?

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Python, Google and mpg123

My little project for this evening. To use Google translate to produce a voice synthesizer (in Python). What one would need is mpg123 (linux), Python and an internet connection.

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Are women in Ireland almost three times as likely to die in pregnancy and childbirth as those in Norway?

Last Friday a colleague of mine was talking to me about a recent news piece they were listening to on Today fm. The radio station was reporting on the results from recent research conducted by the charity “Save The Children”. The station was reporting that according to the charity “women in Ireland are almost three times as likely to die in pregnancy and childbirth as those in Norway”. An amazing claim. Is it true though?

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Hello World

This is my first blog post. Its only purpose, to make sure everything is working okay with my new blog :) More blogging to follow…

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